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The two are not the same!

The two are not the same!

| March 20, 2017

On a recent trip to Salt Lake City for training, I decided I wanted to buy some new ski boots.  For those of you who are skiers like me, you know the Wasatch Mountain range has arguably the best skiing in the world, and is home to some world class ski resorts such as Alta (my favorite) and Snowbird.  I figured what better place to buy new boots!

I got out of class at about 4 pm on that Thursday, and through a yelp search for "ski boot fitters" returned several hits, one of which was called the Sport Loft.  The reviews were spectacular, and one caught my eye.  It said "Do not come here if you want the cheapest ski boot...If you are a serious skier and want boots that fit better than anything you have ever experienced, the Sport Loft is for you."

I arrived that day and wondered if there would be enough time for a custom boot fitting before the 6 pm closing time...Earl Middlemiss (the boot fitter and shop owner) greeted me, and begun measuring my feet and asking me about my skiing style and ability.  We had a long chat about that, then after a few measurements, he went in the back and came out with a pair of K2 Spyne 130 boots.  He knew from experience with my foot shape and skiing style, which of the many different options would best serve me.  Then he began the process of grinding and changing the boot to fit my unique foot, as well as build a custom pair of orthotics using a really cool machine that builds an impression of your foot.

The result? The best feeling and performing ski boot I have every owned.  My next day and a half at Alta was pure bliss, and I never knew how poorly my old boots fit.  I could have purchased this exact boot from for half of what I paid for it at the Sport Loft.  Why would I pay double what I have to?....because the two are not the same. 

As an investor trying to get the most for your money, many people are tempted to utilize the lowest cost option, believing that there is no difference between the index fund at .30% and the advisor sold fund at 1%.  Here is the truth... there is no difference between the two funds. The difference lies in the skill, abilities, and caring nature of the advisor.  A good advisor will add value far beyond what is saved, a poor advisor who simply collects fees adds nothing.

See, had I simply bought this boot off the shelf it would be okay and work okay.  I am not okay with okay!  I want the best for myself, my family, and my clients!  My passion is to find the right financial plans and products for my clients, then grind away to customize them to enhance their experience and ultimately the outcome. 

My passion is to be like Earl, to be a master of my craft and create the best client experience possible to those who have trusted me.  I hope we get to work together sometime!