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The Circle of Wealth System is a third-party software system used to graphically illustrate many of the features and benefits of fixed, permanent life insurance, and how it might be used as a financial solution for a client’s situation. We use the following tools within this system to demonstrate financial principles, and to explore your situation:

The Personal Economic Model is a registered trademark of MoneyTrax, Inc.

Organize your financial “junk drawer”, helping you gain a clear understanding of your financial position.

Most of us have created a hodgepodge of financial products and services over our lifetimes.  Just like our junk drawer at home, we know it’s in there but maybe we’re not so sure what it is (what’s this random screw for anyway?).  Until you organize what you have, and understand how it fits into the big picture, it will be difficult for you to move forward. 

Give us a call or schedule an appointment to allow us to help you do a bit of spring cleaning.

Maximize your “lifetime capital potential”

We all will have lots of dollars pass through our fingers throughout our lifetimes.  For example, a 40-year old working to age 65 with a $50,000 income, and a 3% annual raise will see over 1.8 million dollars pass through his or her fingertips over their lifetime.  You’ve heard it said that it matters not what you make, but what you keep! 

At Landmark Financial Services we are committed to helping you keep more of that potential for the future. 

Help you “avoid the losses” in your financial life:

Many advisors prefer to focus on increasing rates of return on your current savings and investments in order to create a brighter future for you. 

We believe there are more opportunities in avoiding the losses in your financial life than in picking the winners.  Let us help you find the areas where you may be losing money unknowingly and unnecessarily, and bring it back to you to help make your future more secure.

Create effective “strategies for saving”

We are all individuals with different ways of doing things, that’s what makes life interesting!  However, how many of us have been taught to save does not work for everyone. 

Let us design a customized strategy for you that takes into account your unique situation, potentially providing the best outcome for you.

Retirement Ready or Not!

Most people are simply saving money for someday.  However, if you don’t know the answers to the four most important financial questions as it relates to your retirement, you should.  Those questions are:

  • What rate of return do I need to earn on my current savings and investment dollars in order to continue what I am doing today and retire at the same standard of living I currently enjoy?
  • How much do I need to be saving every month in order to retire at the same standard of living?
  • If I continue to do what I am currently doing, how long am I going to have to work?, and
  • If I do nothing different than I am doing today, how much am I going to have to cut back my lifestyle in order for my assets to last to life expectancy?

We can provide you with the answers to those questions, take a look at our guide The Most Common Retirement Mistakes & How to Avoid Them. Give us a call and allow us to help you understand the answers.  

Maximize your current standard of living!

What good is a bright future with a lack luster present?  We encourage our clients to make the most of today, because as we all know none of us are promised tomorrow.  We also believe that the memories you make with your family today are the most important “assets” that you can have.  At Landmark Financial Services, we want your today to be in balance with your tomorrow. 

Give us a call, or attend one of our upcoming events to see if we can help you make some memories.  By the way, we expect a postcard!

Put you in control of your money:

Who has been in control of your money to this point in your life?  For most of us, it is the financial institutions that control our financial lives.  Our goal is to put you in control of your money so you can decide whose money you use for major capital purchases such as cars, homes, weddings, and college expenses.