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What is your WHY?

What is your WHY?

| April 06, 2018

I have written many hundreds of comprehensive financial plans in my career.  The hardest part of a financial plan is actually doing the work to accomplish the objective!  Much like a weight loss or fitness program...It starts with the plan, but ultimately you have to do the work to see the result.  This is where most financial (and fitness) plans fall apart, but I have made some interesting observations of those that have achieved their objectives and those that have not.

Almost to a person, the successful ones know very clearly what is there WHY!  You see, saving money is no fun...the same way that running on a treadmill is no fun (although my wife might disagree with me!).  Honestly, it stinks...I have always said that if you want time to stand still, go for a run on treadmill...the time just slows right down to a crawl.

If you cannot focus your mind on the end result, but just see the pain you are feeling at the time, it is highly unlikely you will get to where you want to be...whether that be a successful retirement or a rock hard six pack of abs.  Therefore, no financial plan is complete without a clear picture of what "success" means to you.  If your goal is to retire at 65 and travel, we need to quantify that goal, and take measurable steps to achieve it...while always focusing on the WHY. 

My why is multi faceted, personally.  I am committed to providing the best life to my family currently, with a wonderful lifestyle and experiences that myself and my family will never forget, while building a rock solid financial foundation for the future.  I know that if I do not do the work...we cannot go on our ski trip to Utah next year, that I will not be able to pay for my boys college education, and consequently we will not be able to retire with dignity and see the world.  Further, a huge part of my why is the people that I serve, my clients.  Without me in their lives, in many cases they will be less financially successful than they otherwise would have been.  I owe it to the  people in my community to provide the best work, the best plans, and the best solutions to help them accomplish their most important objectives.

The picture here is of myself and my son Cameron on our February trip to ski Alta, Utah.  I savored that moment, that day, like a slow fire cooked steak...uninterrupted time with my family, skiing the greatest snow on earth (18" had fallen overnight!).  This picture is my current screensaver on my computer and helps me focus on my why so I can grind through the work that needs to be done to help me achieve my goals.

I want to be a part of your why, the catalyst that helps you focus on what's important, make plans to achieve it, and implement that plan with precision...I would be honored to be a part of your future.

All the best, Mike