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You only pack out what you are willing to put in

You only pack out what you are willing to put in

| April 27, 2017

Every year around the first of the year, my family and I each do our "dream board", which helps us all get focused on what we want to accomplish and experience in the coming year.  If you are not familiar with the concept it is simple.  Get a poster board, some glue, scissors, and a bunch of magazines.  Go through the magazines and find the things that mean the most to you in terms of your goals for the coming year, and create a collage.  For example, if you are dreaming about taking that European trip, and really want to make it happen this year, a picture of a tourist enjoying the sights in Italy would be appropriate.  If you are working to increase your income, maybe a dollar bill or a picture of someone who looks prosperous will do.

This year, like many other, my board contained many bowhunting related dreams and goals, but one advertisement from a hunting magazine caught my eye.  It said, "you only pack out what you are willing to put in".  The picture on the advertisement was a bowhunter with a bull elk hindquarter and a trophy 6x6 rack strapped to his backpack, packing it out of the wilderness.  It truly hit me as a poignant moment about something we all know to be true, you only will get out of something what  you are willing to put into it in terms of time, sweat, work, money, and commitment

Every year countless elk hunters take to the mountains, most to come home empty handed...It has been me many times!  However, many of those times I have come up short had nothing to do with luck, but everything to do with my level of commitment and how badly I wanted it.  Without fail, the people I know who are packing the elk out of the woods were the ones on the mountains in June an July scouting, shooting their bow incessantly, and going over topo maps like it was a pirates treasure map.

Bowhunting trophy elk is no different than achieving financial independence.  Hear me, now it is very unlikely to happen for you unless you take the steps and put in the hard work necessary to do it.  Frequently I meet with prospective clients who talk about everything they want to do and have, but they are unwilling to put in the work necessary to make it a reality. 

The successful ones, those packing out the big bulls and enjoying the freedom of financial independence, are almost without exception those who Dreamed, Planed, and Executed.  Allow us to help you quantify your dreams into daily steps that will get you to where you want to go...